Dedicated to Nancy

Nancy, as I write this dedication to you in 2010, my journey on this earth is in its sunset years and is quickly drawing to its close. I want to tell you that you have been one of the brightest spots in my entire life under the sun. As an 8 year-old girl when I first met you, you always just bubbled over with joy, smiles, and laughter. Also you joyfully followed the Lord Jesus Christ. What great joy and encouragement you brought to me as a young missionary when you, as a child, attended church with me and attended my children’s services every time you could during that short 2 years or so when our paths came together. But the most joy you brought to me was that you (and your 2 sisters) eagerly went with me when I preached out in public, and we would sing together of our Lord to the many souls around us. Tho it has now been 3 decades since I have seen you or heard from you, I rejoice in the reports that I hear of you, that your Lord and Saviour has kept you from living a life of vanity and is using you greatly for His Great Glory. I pray for you regularly, Nancy, and rejoice to know that we will soon be together again, around Almighty God’s Majestic Throne in Heaven, singing “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain.” Nancy, please continue serving your Lord and God to the utmost until He soon comes again for us Christians to take us home to Glory. And may Our Lord’s greatest and richest blessings daily be upon you and all your family.



“Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.” (Ecclesiastes 1:2)


Dear reader, I pray that Almighty Jehovah God on His Majestic Throne in the Highest Heavens will save you from perishing by living a vain life during your most short time here upon this earth. The Lord God has now shown great mercies and grace unto you by bringing you to gaze upon these most powerful and eternally beneficial prayers (green print) in this book. Praying these prayers aloud and earnestly from your heart will bring you untold, marvelous, and never-ending help, deliverance, salvation, joy, and blessings into your life. I pray these prayers for myself. And I now earnestly pray for you to sincerely pray these powerful prayers, not only for yourself, but also for all human souls now under the sun. For all eternity, you will always be so happy and rejoicing that you did so.

Almighty Lord Jehovah God on Thy Majestic Throne in the Highest Heavens, please send Thy Holy Spirit now to teach me all the wisdom Thou hast written to me in the Book of Ecclesiastes. Please give me a heart to believe all that wisdom, desire it, receive it, and to perfectly apply all of that Divine Wisdom to my life under the sun. Please save me from the vanity of being lacking in God’s Wisdom. Please save me from the awful vanity of living my life in vain.


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