Summer 2022 (June, July, August)


Richard Yerby,

PO Box 4, Matsuida-Machi,

Annaka-Shi, Gunma-Ken

379-0200 JAPAN

Dear Friend in Christ,


God bless you dear Prayer Warrior Friends who pray for Holy Ghost Power upon my frequent outdoor preaching, singing, and Gospel literature distribution. “Lord, please save many of these lost souls.” Praying Friend, please pray for the salvation of 2 fifth grade girls in Annaka Elementary School. I will not broadcast people’s names here. So, please call them the “Two Helpers” in Annaka Elementary.

Before 2 PM Thursday 16 June, I positioned myself seated on a concrete rampart (2 feet high) alongside the local back street (sparse traffic) behind that grammar school, singing “Power In The Blood” aloud to drive demons away, while also praying for God to prevent adults in the area from keeping the children from the prayer balloons I planned give the children. When the kids soon started filtering out to walk home from school, a fair percentage of them took the balloons.

I had never before in my life met these Two Helpers (who were friends of each other). But when they came by me together, each eagerly took a packet of 8 balloons (each balloon a different color with a different prayer printed on each). But then, the 2 girls did not go on their way. Instead; “Let us pass them out,” both girls eagerly requested of me. That was a God-sent miracle that occurs sometimes (quite rarely). The other children will much more readily take that packet of balloons from a 5th grade girl in their own school, than from me, an old man foreigner, and a stranger to them. Thus wise, those 2 precious angels (sent directly from Heaven above) happily start passing out the packets of balloons to other kids, as I rejoice with joy unspeakable!! As those 2 girls go at it, I speak of dire eternal matters to them. “Give them ears to hear, Lord!”

“I’ll pray for your blessedness.” I tell them. That’s a direct translation of the Japanese, tho the English might sound a little strange. When I oft say that to Japanese kids, often they laugh. Some even say that they don’t want me to pray that, or that they don’t need me to pray that for them.

But each of these spiritual girls cheerfully replied, “I’ll pray for your blessedness also!” Glory! I stand in dire need of prayer for my blessedness, I do!! Reader Friend, please pray for my blessedness.

USA Prayer Warrior Friend, almost no unsaved Japanese ever says that to me, especially a child. I began repeatedly singing a Japanese language song, short and simple, but a wonderful Sunday School song for Japanese kids, about true “blessedness”. Listening keenly to pick up the words, these 2 little angelic ministers joined in singing. Four more kids have gathered around by now, listening. USA Friend, such a glorious evangelistic service it became! Please pray for often, similar occurrences! Lord, more visitations from The Dayspring on High, I beg.

“It is God that…maketh my way perfect.” (Psalms 18:32) Thursday 1 July, at noon I was eating a light lunch at a cafe, drinking heavily from self-service drink bar, on this oh so hot day, to stay well hydrated, I asked God for perfect guidance: Should I risk heat stroke to pass out prayer balloons in that deadly heat. Yes, in recent years, in Japan, ancient fossils as I, are annually dying from heat stroke (a preview of Revelation 16:8-11). I considered staying 3 hours or so, in that cool air conditioning. But my heart was so stirred to pass out prayer balloons to kids, that I took that as God’s Leading. Begging God to perfect my timing so I won’t be waiting a long time before they start filtering out of school, (that time varies daily). I drove toward a school and parked in a nearby small mall. “Lord, go before me to prepare the way, I plead. Block the enemy from interfering, Lord.”

Hurriedly walking to this different grammar school, I see the 1st graders grouped inside the school gate, ready to walk out. “Lord, I worship Thee for Thy Perfect Timing.” To beat them to the spot I chose to pass out (a low rampart to sit on in the shade) I had to jog the 80 yards ahead to it. (Not a second to lose, in God’s Perfect Timing.) Kids immediately began filtering by, the majority of them happily taking the packet of prayer balloons, praise God.

Within 20 minutes, a man teacher walked out to me all way from the school, to stand right in front of me, blocking me (which was technically illegal on that public street, purposely hindering another person on a public street), and he verbally forbade the kids to take the balloons (which he was at liberty to do). They obeyed the devilish schoolteacher. “Mercy on him, Lord, to save him.”

He asked for my calling card. I gave him one. I requested his card. He said he didn’t have his with him. He did say that he was the school principal. A few minutes prior, when one of the kids reached home and Mom saw the balloons, she immediately called the school, demanding they put a stop to me snatching their kids out of the eternal flames of Hell. Thus, he comes to me, most determined to stop me (tho any and all residents in Japan have the freedom to do what I was doing). “Stop such objectors, Lord! Tear down Satan’s strongholds”!!

Thus, I just stood there, friendlily greeting the kids, when a 6th grade girl filing by in a string of kids in single file on the opposite side of the narrow street calls out to me, “Sam Sensei”. I go by the name “Sam” in Japan. “Sensei” means teacher. I teach that dear girl English conversation in a small group of children right there in that neighborhood. Her greeting shocked that school teacher. He thought me to be a stranger with no connections in that neighborhood. Please pray with me for his salvation. “Save him, Lord!!”

Throughout the summer, it has brought me great joy to “man” the rescue mission in cool Karuizawa Town in the mountains. Many souls hear much of my hymn singing coming from inside the rescue mission, or when I stand outside in front of it.

Fellow Laodicean Christian Friend, refusing to go unto our Lord without the camp, bearing His reproach, a dominant trademark of this church age, is one of the main reasons The Lord Jesus Christ is spewing this church out of His mouth in His Wrath against it. “Ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silent.” Precious little time remains before Christ raptures out His body, or before increasing death on earth overtakes us. Let us wisely redeem that short time, with fear and trembling.  

“Lord, stir up our hearts to be diligent watchmen, sounding the trumpet ever so loudly and clearly to all souls around.” God richly bless you dear friends who pray for me. You, who give financially, provide my daily bread, a roof over my head, and funds to travel and such. Thank You ever so much.

Prayer Warrior Friend, Supporter Friend, God richly bless you for your important prayer support and financial giving! I beg you to stay on the firing line with me, battling for lost souls in these final hours of TIME. Here, practically no unsaved Japanese adult will take printed Gospel from my hand, nor lend me a personal ear. Thus, I put the printed page into their mail boxes (legal here in Japan). And I stand without the camp, out in public places, putting the spoken Gospel into their ears. Work powerfully in hearts, Holy Spirit, I plead of Thee!

May our Lord richly bless you, my Christian Friend, as you stand for Him.

Christ’s Servant in Japan,      Richard Yerby



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