Dedicated to Myung Ja


“I was not in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I quiet, yet trouble came.” (Job 3:26)

“Heavenly Father, please prepare my heart to be completely in tune with Thee in order to write exactly what Thou wouldest have me to write in this book. Please guard me from error and kill all desire I have to speak for my own vainglory. May I truly desire that Thy Will be done in these writings. Please prepare the hearts of the readers to accept what is from Thee in this book, and give them a will to obey it. May this book be instrumental in changing many lives for Thy Great Glory. Amen.” 

Chapter 1: “Consider Job”


Chapter 2: “Safety”


Chapter 3: “Rest”


Chapter 4: “Quiet”


Chapter 5: “Less Quiet”


Chapter 6: “Even Less Quiet”


Chapter 7: “In Conclusion”



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