Autumn 2021 (September, October, November)


Richard Yerby,

PO Box 4, Matsuida-Machi,

Annaka-Shi, Gunma-Ken

379-0200 JAPAN


Dear Friend in Christ,

During September and October, by God’s grace, I faithfully stood my post in the Rescue Mission in Karuizawa, keeping it open thru November the 3rd, which was a Japanese holiday. Then, as planned, I closed it for the winter, mountain top Karuizawa Town being the most popular cool summer resort spot in all of Japan, with multitudes of souls flocking to it during the warm and hot half of the year. But its winters are most frigid, resulting in “tourists” being few then.

Reader Friend, it is a miracle that God has planted me in Karuizawa the warm and hot half of the year when masses of lost souls flock there. Also, this year from July thru November 3rd, more souls were daily streaming into the Rescue Mission than ever before, thank God. Why? The main reason being that God is slimming down their wallets, reducing their finances. All praise be to God for His Righteous Judgments!

Also, God has blessed in that a good number of people donate to me, used, daily use items that all people commonly use (clothing, shoes, all sorts of kitchen wares, stationery, toys, and such). And in a bazaar setting, I put those items out most cheap. Since our Righteous God’s Judgment of Covid came onto the scene, a steadily increasing number of souls are becoming more poor with passing time, causing them to like my cheap prices that start at 10 yen, just under 10 cents at the present currency exchange rate.

Missionary friends of mine living in Karuizawa recently closed their small Christian bookstore in their Christian “campground” facilities; because their sales have been steadily dropping ever since the devil’s hi tech entered our world, causing people to avoid handling paper unless absolutely necessary. Those friends asked me if I would take their bookstore stock (for free, of course). ‘YES!’ Thus they brought me many boxes of Christian books, cassette tapes, CDs, some Bibles, Christmas decorations and such. I put all this Bible preaching, teaching, and singing out for free. Very few people choose and take from it. Please pray for it to do them much spiritual good.

Another most blessed thing relating to that Christian resource stock is that I choose the very best of preaching, teaching and singing that is on the CDs and cassette tapes, and broadcast that inside the Rescue Mission. Thus without fail, it inevitably enters the ears of all who are browsing thru the small storefront, in search of the best bargains. Please intercede for God’s Holy Spirit to work powerfully in lost souls thru that spoken word and hymn singing, all of it in the Japanese language. (A fringe benefit for me is that as I listen to Japanese preachers preaching and teaching in perfect Japanese language on tape or CD, it improves my Japanese language ability.)

I do not know their names, but please intercede with me for the salvation of the Japanese couple that bought 3 men’s handkerchiefs for 10 yen each, and nothing more (a purchase of about 27 cents in US money). The man and lady appeared to be about 50 years old (both quite skinny), appeared to be poor and pitiful, and came quietly into the Rescue Mission like they didn’t feel worthy to enter. They stayed over 20 minutes, carefully looking over many 10 and 20 yen items, finally handing me the 3 new handkerchiefs (still in the store pack that no one else had yet opened), paid their 30 yen and quietly went on their way. Here is the most glorious facet of that: for more than 20 minutes, rich, profitable teaching from a CD was flowing into their ears. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will stir their spirits thru it. Pray that they will return again. Pray for their eternal salvation.

The first week in November, a delivery truck brought 120,000 postcard size prayers to my house from the printer. Total weight was right at 1200 pounds. Each side of each postcard is full of words whereby one may be saved eternally by praying those words to his or her Creator God in sincerity. Pray with me, that many lost Japanese Buddhists will do that as I distribute those prayers from house to house. Also, I am showing those card size prayers to all my Christian acquaintances near and far in Japan, asking them to consider distributing the prayers where they live. Pray that God will stir their hearts to sow those precious seed.

The following in blue is the one prayer that totally fills both sides of the postcard size card, in quite large print to make for easy reading. For convenience sake, I did not maintain its postcard size posting it here. I will give it to you first in blue in Japanese, which is what I distribute, of course. Then follows the English version of it in black. (If the below blue is nothing more than #, %, $, * and such on your screen, then your device cannot show the Japanese letters.)

キリスト が すべて です。



My Creator God, please reveal Thyself unto me. Show me Thy Glory. Please show me ever so clearly just how fiercely Thy Wrath is now hovering upon me a sinner who is headed for eternal destruction.

To the greatest extent possible, please work fear of my Almighty Holy Righteous Creator into my being. Please work godly sorrow over my sins into my heart, and thus wise work repentance unto salvation not to be repented of. Please work within me, repentance toward God and faith toward the Lord Jesus Christ.

I beg Thee to show great mercy unto me to forgive all my sins and to cleanse me from my sins by Christ’s shed blood on the cross. Please save me from eternal perdition. Please transfer me from death unto eternal life. Please make me into a child of God thru faith in Christ the Saviour. Jesus, please become my All in All. Amen.

Praying Friend, by God’s Grace and the strength He puts into this old physical body of mine, I walk several days each week, leaving that postcard prayer at each house. Thousands of lost Japanese souls have already laid eyes on it. Intercede for their salvation, I plead.

Different Subject. A word of caution. You can see that the URL of this English language web site of mine ends with “us”. My Japanese language web site URL is exactly the same, except that it ends with “jp”, as you can see above in those postcard prayers. I have gotten wind that a person or persons in the largest nation in Asia are buying several URL domain names that are exactly like mine, except for those final 2 letters after the final dot in the domain name. They are at liberty to buy such URL domain names. They are at liberty to set up web sites with URLs that start with Christ-is-all. Their URLs are likely to end with “cn” after the final dot.

I know not if they have ulterior motives for using a domain names as close to mine as they are allowed to write them. In those web sites, they might claim to be a ministry under me in that large Asian nation, and of course, boldly solicit donations to that ministry in their nation, claiming it is of Richard Yerby. They might even write such as if Richard Yerby is writing it in the first person, posing as Richard Yerby, explaining that now you are to send offerings to Richard, by means of a new method they will post on their website for all to see. If so, those thieves would receive those monies, not me.

Please pray to our Lord to bring their scheming to naught. I have 2 methods by which you friends send your offerings to me for my missionary labours in Japan. 1. By sending a check to CHRIST IS ALL, PO Box 490, Vernon, AL 35592-0490, USA. 2. Or by sending thru Pay Pal, opening this “dot us” web site of mine and clicking the Pay Pal button there.

Any time that you want to ask anything specifically about how to send me an offering, please send a postal letter to the above CHRIST IS ALL address in Vernon, Alabama or to my postal address in Japan, written at the very beginning of this letter. Each time my faithful helper in Vernon, Alabama receives a financial gift; she acknowledges it with a postal letter to the giver. Regretfully, lately, problems with postal service are quite common (delayed delivery and lost letters).

Also, if you send a postal letter on paper to me in Japan, please print my Japan address most clearly on the envelope for Japanese postal workers to be able to discern it. (No hen scratching, please.) Also a stamp for postage to a foreign nation is required, somewhat higher price than for a domestic letter. 

May our Lord enable us to be wise, alert and discerning in these evil times. God bless you for caring, for praying, and for helping.

Christ’s servant in Japan,  Richard Yerby



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