Autumn 2022 (September, October, November)


Richard Yerby,

PO Box 4, Matsuida-Machi,

Annaka-Shi, Gunma-Ken

379-0200 JAPAN

Dear Friend in Christ,


Likely, more so than in most other nations, in this densely populated nation of Japan, a good number of people become reclusive to varying degrees, isolating themselves inside their dwellings. Such adults quit their jobs and such teens quit school to sit in a room at home to stare at the 4 walls, or a hi tech glowing screen.

In this end time age, that trend is increasing here in Japan, especially among teens. So, please pray for a Japanese Christian girl acquaintance of mine, about 16 years old, who, over the past several months, has become reclusive, not going to school or to church. I have known her for 12 years or so. Her dad died when she was just a few months old. She has no memory of him.

Her mother (along with her 3 children) regularly attended a church where I was invited to preach once a month for 7 or 8 years. I observed this little daughter in church during that time. Also, her mother asked me to teach English conversation to her daughter and 4 other neighborhood kids in their community hall. I did that for 2 years. The precious daughter was ever so well-mannered, quiet, professed to trust in Christ, and came to have an earnest heart for her Lord Jesus. Please pray for perfect healing of her emotions and nerves, and for our Lord to perfect a sound mind within her. Also, please pray for her mother, who has ceased attending church regularly, tho she faithfully attended in the past.

Please pray for an unsaved Japanese lady named Mina, 35 to 40 years old, who is causing much trouble for her extended family, some of whom are Christians and close friends of mine. It is best I do not give whole names in this news that can be viewed by all the world. Our Lord on His Throne will know exactly to whom you are referring, if you will intercede for this lady to be saved

On Sunday afternoon, 2 October, as I walked thru a nice sod grassy park, distributing Gospel literature from house to house, two 5th grade Japanese girls playing there greeted me. We began talking, and as I mentioned “Jesus Christ”, one girl asked the other girl, “Who is Jesus Christ?” Her friend readily replied, “Satan”. Not much chance that lie originated in her own mind. Good chance it came from the devilish glowing screens she regularly views. More likely, an adult told her that: her parents, or teachers at school, most likely.

In 1977 when I first started teaching Japanese children about their Creator God (the only Hope for mankind). A good number of parents favored that, or were at least “neutral”. And school teachers were just slightly less favorable or “neutral”. But, in this very end-time age, the anti-Christ spirit has become so strong among Japanese Buddhists adults, that they lie to children to this extent, in their attempts to keep the little ones away from the Saviour. Please pray with me for our Lord to save these 2 girls to the utmost. Pray that God will bring to naught such deceptive opposition to Christ’s saving Gospel. If those wicked liars and deceivers do not repent, they are soon to enter a most hot, flaming, burning eternity to ever and ever weep and wail and gnash their teeth over their opposition to precious little ones coming to Jesus.

As is typical here in central Japan, this year, thru out August and thru Saturday, September 24, one after another typhoon came thru us from the south Pacific; bringing typhoon winds, rain, and even several chilly days during that “hot” season of the year. In general, August is the 1 month (only) of the short summer vacation for Japan public schools. Thus, August is a time when individuals and especially families, plan vacation trips and much outdoor fun. This year, our Righteous Judge spoiled so many “fun plans”.

This year, September 19 and 23 were Japanese holidays. But rain poured down upon us both of those days.

The 2nd week of September, I cut back manning the Rescue Mission in Karuizawa from 6 to 4 days weekly, as is my annual custom, because the summer crowd starts dwindling down. My heart overflowed with joy to arise to lovely blue skies and hot autumn atmosphere on Sunday 25 September, and to soak in that lovely sun thru out that afternoon, doing outdoor evangelism. Please intercede with me for many lost Buddhists here who receive my “Gospel” in print, or into their ears from my voice, without the camp, out in public. Each of them is a precious soul for whom Christ died, many so misled and deceived, like that 5th grade girl who had been taught that her Creator God is actually Satan.

From the nearest corner of my house in Japan, to the nearest corner of the junior hi school in this town of Matsuida is about 70 yards. At 7:30 AM on school days, I often walk out to that intersection, stand across the street from that near corner of the school, to sing unto our Creator God as the young teens walk into, and ride their bicycles into that school gate. One morning, standing on that opposite side of the street, I heard the 2nd floor window of the house on my right slide open. From that bedroom window, came the lady’s cigarette smoke into my nostrils and her coughing into my ears. My songs of praise to her Creator God were going into her ears, as she was taking her first smoke of the day to satisfy her nicotine craving. Please pray with me for her, her husband, and their grown children to repent and be saved.

Shortly after 8 AM, as the last of the jr hi kids were filing into school, the lady of the house on my left came out to me from her house, because my praise to her Creator had been flowing into her ears also. You Friend in USA supporting me, it is such a rich joy to proclaim Christ in public in densely crowded Japan, where many ears are nearby. This lady gave me a disposable plastic dish of delicious warm rice with chestnuts in it, a favorite autumn dish here where chestnut trees abound, and the chestnuts ripen in September. She spoke of being lonely after her husband’s death years ago, tho her married son now lives with her (along with his wife and their son). Please pray for this family to all be saved.

On August 1st, 1978, I moved into this town into a rental house, a stone’s throw from these Buddhist neighbors described above. (Currently, I still live in that same rental house.)

Thus, for more than 44 years now, I have watched this neighborhood’s older generation pass into a hopeless eternity as Buddhists. It is most tragic and heartbreaking to know that they join the rich man of Luke Chapter 16, tormented in those flames, never to get that one drop of water to cool their parched tongue, and instantly become most desirous that their family members who are now in my presence, do not come join them in those eternal flaming torments. By God’s Great Grace, I desire to continue living in their midst all my days on earth, exalting Christ before them and holding forth the word of life unto them. Thank you for faithfully supporting me, and for interceding for their salvation.

Pray especially for the students in Haraichi Grammar School and in Annaka Number Two Junior High School. These 2 schools are about 2 miles from my house, located side by side (with a public street running between them), somewhat large schools with at least a total of 700 or so students (likely well over 700). In each of these 2 schools, a good number of students show favorable interest as they file past me the afternoons I go there to sing and offer the prayer balloons as they leave school for home. Please pray for them to take the balloons and the Gospel literature that I put on a stand (rack) with a sign reading, “Please freely take (one)”.

On Sunday 9 October, I preached in the church in Isesaki City. On 16 October, in Missionary Pastor Dan Roberts’ church in Saku City. On November 13, in the church in Takasaki City, and on November 20, again in the church in Isesaki City. I am most thankful for these kind pastors who will allow me to preach in their churches, as most pastors in Japan who know me (both Japanese pastors and foreign missionary pastors) are adamantly opposed to my preaching being heard in their steeple houses.

November 3rd, a Japanese holiday, was my last day this year to open the Rescue Mission in Karuizawa Town. It’s my annual custom to open it on April 29 and to close up on November 3, to flee this mountain town, as it becomes a winter icebox. This year, many souls came in. They heard with their ears and saw in print with their eyes, words whereby they can be eternally saved. Almost none showed any interest in Jesus Christ saving them from eternal hell fire. Please keep praying with me, begging God the Holy Spirit to strongly convict them and to smite them with the fear of the Lord.

There in Karuizawa, one local Japanese lady came most every week for me to teach her English conversation. Four local children also came for a separate “kids’” English class. I speak to my English students of Christ. Their eyes fall upon the large print prayers inside the Rescue Mission where they sit for English. I pray for their entire families to repent and be saved. 

You Prayer Warriors who love precious lost souls enough to intercede for their eternal salvation before God’s Throne of Mercy and Grace, please pray for a 10-year-old Japanese boy, whom I first met in September when his mother asked me to start teaching him English conversation. He is an only child and I started going to their house weekly to teach him.

After several weekly sessions, on a day in November, at class time, I handed the mother a note I had written. The small 1 page note I gave her was written on a notepad that I had ordered printed, with a prayer on each page in the note pad. When the mother and boy saw that prayer, both their faces lit up. She said something to the effect of the prayer being wonderful. I gave her the rest of the notepad that I had with me. (Previously, I had a print shop print me several hundred of the note pads.) Anyway, She took this one joyfully! (There are 5 different prayers in that notepad, one short prayer per page, and then the 5 different prayers repeat for the next 5 pages, and so on.)

Prayer Warrior Friend, their joy in seeing that prayer is the Holy Spirit working in answer to you interceding. Keep it up, I beg!! Please pray that they will be agreeable to reading the Bible and singing hymns in English during that class time. I do not plan see them for more than 3 months now, during the time I am down south for the winter. 

Because they live somewhat distant from me, I asked the mother how she came to know me. She said that about 30 years ago, her older brother attended my children services in their neighborhood when he was in elementary school. She is 6 years younger than the older brother. But when she went thru grammar school, for some reason, she did not attend my children’s services. Last autumn, her brother (the boy’s uncle) suggested to her, that she ask me to tutor her son. 

(Friends, that is the value of a contact from 30 years ago). My Faithful Supporting Friend, I observe missionaries throwing in the towel & going back home, as early as 3 years on this barren field of Japan. Thank you, for your faithful prayers and support, I also want to be true to my calling till the end.

I greatly appreciate your prayers. I am seeing the Holy Ghost slowly and steadily work in several Japanese souls, in positive ways. I know, in part, this is due to your prayers. Thank you for generously giving also. God richly bless you.


Christ’s servant in Japan,   Richard Yerby



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