I spend a lot of my waking hours trying to convince people that they need Christ more than they need anything else in the world, or more than they need any other person in this world. I assemble people together most every day and preach my heart out, trying to convince them. I pray that God in Heaven will convince them that they must receive Christ as their Saviour.

Most every day finds me out in public, preaching to people who seem to have time for everything but Christ. I am trying to convince them that they must take time for Christ. At times I preach until my voice is gone. Some of the most trying times in my life are when I preach until I no longer have any voice. Some of the most frustrating times are when, out of breath and out of voice because I have preached for some time, I have to stop and rest. Often I sit down, too tired to raise my head high enough to see more than the feet and legs of the people marching along on their way to Hell. And I wonder why only a few Christians are trying to convince people that they are going to perish forever in Hell if they do not receive Christ.

Most people that I talk to refuse to be convinced that they must turn to Christ. Most seem more than content, more than willing, more than determined to sin against God, rebel against Him, mock Him, and make fun of His Holy, Righteous Standards proclaimed in the Bible. They seem more than willing and satisfied to refuse my precious Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It seems that the last thing many of them will do, is to be convinced that they need Christ. For that reason, the word “convince” has grabbed my attention in a certain place in the Bible.

“Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, To execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.” (Jude 14 & 15)

My Saviour is coming back to this world one more time. This time He is not coming as an unborn babe to hear, “No room for You in the inn.” He is not coming to be despised and rejected. Not to be without a place to lay His Head. Not to be disbelieved. Not to be an object of laughing, mocking, and scorn. Not to be blasphemed and ridiculed. Not to have His Face spit upon, smitten, and His beard plucked out. Not to have His visage so marred that He does not look like a human being. Not to have His Back laid bare with a cat-of-nine tails. Not to carry an old, rugged cross. Not to have His Hands and Feet pierced with rusty nails and hung naked on a cross for everyone to see. Not to be offered gall to drink. Not to have God the Father forsake Him, and then die.

This time The Lord Jesus Christ is coming back to this sin-sick world as THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. This time Christ is coming back riding on a white horse. To rule and reign forever. With a two-edged sword. In judgment. To separate the wheat from the tares, the sheep from the goats, true believers from everyone else. In flaming fire, taking vengeance on all who refuse Him. In great wrath. As a consuming fire. To cast into eternal Hell fire, everyone who has refused Him. With Eyes as a flame of fire and a Voice as the sound of many waters. Christ is coming this second time as Almighty God to convince everyone that they should have received Him.

“And this is his commandment, That we should believe on the name of his son Jesus Christ.” (I John 3:23) God has commanded all people everywhere to repent of their sins and turn to God. He commands us to believe on the Name of His Son, Jesus Christ. And Christ is coming again to convince everyone that they should have done so. He is coming to convince ALL. So you are included, if you are not yet convinced. Christ is coming again to take hold of you, bind you hand and foot in chains of fire, and cast you headlong into a lake of fire to remain there forever and be convinced forever. No one will escape this convincing. You will be convinced that your Creator has control over you and that the wisest thing you could have done would have been to obey Him. Now you may think that you will never be convinced. But one day soon your attitude will rapidly change.

“That’s difficult to understand,” a young Japanese lady replied to me when I explained God’s salvation and her need of it. But one day it will no longer be difficult, when God judges her and she sees herself hopelessly lost forever because she refused God’s salvation. She will be convinced that difficulty was not the reason. But that it was because she had no desire to repent and do right, that she refused Christ. In judgment, Christ is going to completely convince her that it would have been ever so easy for her to have received His Salvation.

“I just cannot conceive in my mind that there really is a God,” said a middle-age man as I talked to him about Christ. But when he is drawn before God’s Throne and not only sees His radiant glory and great splendor, but also sees God’s fire-like wrath that is upon him because he did not seek God; he will then instantly know there is a God. There will certainly no longer be any atheists or agnostics at that time. So please don’t wait till Judgment Day to be convinced.

“I don’t understand,” interjected an elderly Japanese lady, even before I began to speak to her about God. But the day of complete understanding soon came, because she soon died. If she did not repent and receive Christ before she died, then God’s holy laughter mocking her fear and pleading, immediately gave her complete understanding. And she was then completely convinced.  

“I don’t believe there is any such place as Hell or a lake of fire,” said a young man when I preached Christ to him. But only one second of burning in that lake of fire will be enough to convince him of the reality of it and of the fact he should have trusted in Jesus Christ.

“God would be unjust to cause people to burn and suffer forever,” said another person to whom I preached Christ. But the minute he faces God and sees God’s Pureness, Holiness, and Righteousness; he will instantly become fully aware of just what a dirty, defiled sinner he is. He will immediately be convinced that he has no claim to a home in a perfect Heaven and that the only place fit for him is the lake of fire, which God prepared for the devil and the devil’s angels.

And YOU will be convinced also. God is in the business of convincing people, all people. Christ is returning to this world as The Convincer. And when He does, not one person will remain unconvinced. If you refuse The Lord Jesus Christ now, then one day your knee will bow before Him and your tongue will confess that He is Lord. You will acknowledge that Christ is ALL and that you are nothing. Suddenly becoming aware of your pitiful fate, you will scream and beg for God to have mercy on you. But Almighty God’s Holy laughter echoing through Heaven will mock you and convince you that you should never have laughed at Him and spurned His invitation to get saved. God your Creator is going to cast your Christ rejecting carcass into Hell fire. And each time you open your mouth to beg for just one drop of water to cool your tongue, He is going to fill your mouth full of hot, melted brimstone and fire. Your very breath will be aflame. And your screams of agony echoing out of that region of the damned for all eternity will be announcing: “God was right. I was wrong. God won, and I lost. God is righteous, and I am a wicked sinner who needed His salvation. I am convinced!” And you will be totally convinced that you should have made Jesus Christ Lord and King in your life. Rest assured that no one escapes this convincing.

Listen to me, my friend, God is going to allow no one to remain unconvinced. Now in mercy and grace, while it is the day of salvation, He pleads and begs with you to repent of your sin and receive Christ. As you read this, God The Holy Spirit is now speaking to your heart and telling you that you must turn to Christ and receive Him as your Saviour. However, you have a free will, which God will not violate. You may be determined to refuse Christ now and are not the least bit convinced that you need Him in this life, but you must live with that choice forever. And as soon as this life is ended, you will be convinced forever that you should have asked Christ to have mercy on you and forgive you and save you from the punishment of your sins in Hell. No matter how strong, powerful, proud, or sure of yourself you are at this time, Almighty God is able to blow away every bit of that security. One day soon, you are going to realize that you have no hope or security outside of Jesus Christ. I beg you not to wait until this life is ended to be convinced of your need for the Saviour of the world. Let Christ convince you right now. Open your heart to Him and receive Him as your personal Saviour. Put your trust in Him now.

Christ is soon to come to this earth a second time for the purpose of destroying this world. And if you have not yet received Him as your Saviour, you and all other Christ-rejecters are the reason for Him coming to put an end to the world. God has watched and recorded every second of the life you have lived in rebellion against Him. And when that mighty angel descends from Heaven, puts one foot on land and one foot on the sea, and declares that time will be no more; the purpose of that will be to bring an end to your sinful life. WAKE UP! Christ is returning to get you personally. He is coming to convince you personally. And He is going to do that by wiping you off the face of this earth and casting you into the eternal flames of Hell. You are soon to be convinced that the one thing you should have done above all else in this life, was to cry out to Christ to have mercy on you and save you from the punishment of your many sins. So please do that.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the One True God. He is your Creator. He created you to glorify Him. But your sins have separated you from Him and have turned His Glory into shame. Still, He loves you with the greatest love there is, in that He died on the cross for you to take the punishment of your sins. He poured out the very last drop of His Life’s blood to provide a covering and cleansing for your sins. Jesus loves you with the perfect love of God. No one else can love you like Jesus does. He has never; ever one time wronged you in any way at all. You have absolutely no reason for refusing His offer to become your Saviour and save you from Hell and take you to Heaven. So I beg you to be convinced of His love for you and your need for Him.

There is absolutely NO hope for you outside of Jesus Christ. He is the One Way to Heaven. All other roads and religions lead to destruction in Hell. If you refuse Christ, you are going to perish forever. Outside of Christ, you are lost without hope, forever. Because of you and the many other Christ-rejecters like you who will not receive Him, He is soon returning to destroy everything in this world that you are enjoying and finding pleasure in. He is returning to burn up the earth and everything on this earth that you have found pleasure in. He is coming to destroy every pleasure that you know, to convince you that you should have lived for His pleasure. So heed this warning.

The Lord Jesus Christ is coming to turn the sun as black as sackcloth of hair, the moon as red as blood, and to cause the stars to fall upon the earth, because you are not convinced that you should now make Him Ruler and Lord of your life. He is coming to part the heaven as a scroll when it is rolled together, to move every mountain and island out of their places, and to cause you to hide in a den or the rocks of the mountains and cry out to the mountains and rocks; “Fall on me and hide me from the Face of Him that sitteth on the Throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. For the great day of His wrath is come and I am thoroughly convinced that I cannot endure it.”

All around you, people’s hearts will be failing them for fear. You are the reason that Christ is soon to cast hail and fire mingled with blood upon the earth to burn up the vegetation. You are the cause for Him coming to turn the sea to blood, and the rivers and all fountains of waters into bitter wormwood, and cause may to die of the bitter water. When you go to get a glass of water to drink, and can find only blood or bitter wormwood water to drink, then you will be convinced of how sinful you are. Please don’t wait till then. Be convinced now.

When Jesus Christ opens up the bottomless pit and sends out locusts with the power of scorpions to sting and torment you so painfully that you will seek death and desire to die, but God will not allow you to die, then you will know what it means to be convinced. The Son of God is coming to scorch you with fire and great heat, and cause you to gnaw your tongue with pain, even while you are still here on the earth. He is coming to bring volcanoes to life and to cause the greatest earthquake ever known, to shake your world apart and bring it crumbling down to the ground in bitter ruin, because you are not convinced that Christ should be the center of your life.

Jesus of Nazareth is coming to completely destroy this world’s system of buying and selling, which has caused you to love money and the things that it buys, instead of loving God. He is coming to completely tear apart this world that you know and love, just to convince you that you should have lived for God and not for this present world. He is coming in wrath to pry open your mouth and to make you drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of Almighty God’s indignation and to torment you with fire and brimstone. The smoke of your torment will ascend up forever and ever. You will have no rest day or night. And you will most certainly be convinced. THIS is the extreme that God intends to go to, to totally convince you that you should have repented and received Christ. So please be convinced of that right now.

Soon, Almighty God is going to bring you before His Great White Throne in Heaven to judge you. You will stand in person before God’s Holy, Righteous Face, the Face from which the earth and the heaven have fled away. The Book of Life will be brought forth and laid open, to show you that your name does not appear in it, because you rejected Jesus Christ during this present life of yours on this earth. All who have their names written in the Book of Life will enter into the eternal bliss and happiness of Heaven. That precious book of hope is the ticket into Heaven. All people whose names are not written in the Book of Life will perish in Hell forever. And on Judgment Day, it will be so regretful to you to see that your name is not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Your name is missing because only the people, who bow down before God and call out to Him to have mercy on them and forgive their wicked sins, and trust in Jesus Christ to save them, get their names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. And during your life on earth, you just were not convinced that you needed Christ. After vainly searching for your name, the angel holding the Book of Life will sadly proclaim; “We find no record of him being born again.” All Heaven looks on in complete silence. “What do I write for his destiny?” the angel asks. And God must decree, “Write L O S T.” God has no other choice. That is because you refused to believe on The Lord Jesus Christ to save you. The angels hang their heads and weep. They know how awful it is for one to be lost for all eternity. Throughout Heaven they begin to echo the remorseful verdict: “Lost, Lost, LOST, LOST FOREVER, FOREVER LOST!”

The citizens of Heaven begin to weep over your hopeless fate. Family and friends weep over you, but can do nothing to help you. Christians, who knew you during this life, now stand near you with their hands covered with your blood, crying and sobbing out great tears of remorse because they failed to witness to you and convince you to receive Christ. With diamond-shaped scars in His Hands, God the Son looks on, marveling that even though He loved you enough to suffer that brutal and cruel death on the cross for you and to pour out the very last drop of His Life’s blood to provide a covering for your sins; you were foolish enough to reject His offer of salvation and eternal life. He loved you with a perfect love. And more than anything else, Jesus Christ wanted you to share His Glory in Heaven forever. But you were not convinced of the reality of all this, so you refused Him. So on Judgment Day, Christ has no choice but to turn you into Hell. That will be your eternal fate, if you aren’t convinced soon.

In desperation more frantic and desperate than any catastrophe you can now imagine, you prostrate yourself face down before God on the Throne and with a sincere earnest of heart that you have never before known yourself to have, you frantically cry, scream, weep, and beg God to have mercy on you now and change the verdict. Your frivolous life of trivial playing, worldly pleasures, gaiety, partying, humor, joking, laughing, living it up, and completely disregarding God in Heaven, now appears totally insane to you and you marvel at yourself, that you spent your life in such a foolish way. You were drunk on the pleasures of this world. But coming Face-to-face with Almighty God and His wrath that is upon you, instantly sobers you up to reality and to the disastrous fate awaiting you.

In a split second of time, your entire being has become totally void of any pride, composure, reservation or restraining of any emotion. That’s because you realize that you are hopelessly doomed and are soon to lose everything forever. But this pleading that is so sincere on your part, is so repulsive to God that He is going to laugh at your calamity and mock at your fear. Do you know why your dead earnest pleading for God to help you at that time will be utterly repulsive to Him? It’s because for all your lifetime here on this earth, in mercy and grace, God has pleaded with you to receive Christ and be saved. And by you presently refusing God’s pleading to you in mercy and grace, you are right now laughing and mocking at God’s gracious offer of salvation and eternal life to you. And you are laughing and mocking at the great price God the Son paid on Calvary to provide salvation for you. You now spurn God and laugh at and make light of His most gracious offer to you to save you from the torments of eternal Hell fire. But you can rest assured that Almighty God will have the last laugh. So I beg you to be convinced of that right now, before it is too late.

Friend without Christ, you had better heed God’s call to come to Christ. You have heard the Gospel message from God’s Holy Bible about how The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and wants to be your SAVIOUR. You know that you are a lost sinner. You know that you need Christ and His Salvation. Right now, God the Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart more clearly and more loudly than you have ever heard His Voice before. He is saying to you; “RECEIVE CHRIST INTO YOUR HEART AND LIFE. YOU MUST GET SAVED NOW! DO NOT DELAY. TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION. YOU HAVE NO PROMISE OF TOMORROW.” My dear friend, to save your own life from eternal destruction, you must not fail to heed that plea. Be convinced now and receive Christ and get saved right now, before it is eternally too late to do so.

“I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you. Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me: For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord: They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof. Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices. For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them. But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.” (Proverbs 1:26-33)

Probably the most terrifying sight any human beings will ever see, will be Almighty God on His Majestic Throne in Heaven, laughing at their calamity and mocking their fear. You can see in the above passage that the Bible plainly uses the word, “mock.” As you fall on your face before the Throne of the Only Being Who is capable of saving you or helping you in any way, and you are squirming, begging, crying, screaming, and desperately pleading for your very life, God is not going to heed your pleas and save you then. If you will plead with God to help you now, I promise you that He will now give you everlasting help.

But if you do not become convinced now and receive Christ now, then on Judgment Day, God is going to mock you as you frantically plead with Him for mercy then. You will then be ever so serious in your desire for God’s help and in begging Him for mercy. But then, all you will get in return will be Almighty God perfectly mimicking your every frantic movement and sound, in mocking ridicule of you. What a terrifying and void-of-hope sight it is going to be, to see the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS mocking your desperate pleading. I warn you to be convinced of your need to repent now.

“I WILL ALSO LAUGH AT YOUR CALAMITY.” As you plead and beg with God for mercy, God’s Holy laughter echoing through the Heavens will quickly snap any last thread of hope that you are grasping at. How terrifying will be the sound of Almighty God’s holy laughter pealing throughout the heavens as He mocks your puny pleas for help. When lost people hear that laughter, they are going to be completely convinced of their sinful state and of their hopeless doom. Are you going to wait till then to be convinced of that? Or will you be convinced right now? I beg you in God’s love to be convinced now.

Picture God laughing and mocking at your pitiful begging on Judgment Day. Angels are then summoned to bind you hand and foot in chains of fire and to then cast you into the lake of fire to weep and wail and gnash your teeth without end and to forever be convinced that you were wrong to rebel against God. Oh my friend, I beg you not to let that be your eternal fate. Please be convinced now.

Don’t wait till your doom is forever sealed, to be convinced that you should have repented and received Christ as your Saviour. If you will now ask Him to have mercy on you and save you, He will forgive your sins, every one of them. That is the most blessed thing that could ever happen to you. “Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man unto whom the Lord imputeth not iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no guile.” (Psalms 32:1&2) These blessings belong to all the people who receive Christ.

If you will trust in The Lord Jesus Christ to save you, God will forgive all your sins. Therefore you will not receive the punishment of a single one of them. By the blood that He shed on the cross, Christ will cleanse you from all your sins. He will become your Holiness and Righteousness, so that you can be justified when God judges you and thereby be allowed to enter into the eternal bliss of Heaven. That is the most wonderful thing that can happen to you. And if you will receive Christ now, I promise you that Heaven will be your eternal destiny.

However, if you refuse The Lord Jesus Christ, you have absolutely no chance of entering into God’s Heaven. Nothing but the blood of Christ can cleanse us from sin. Reject Christ and you will stand before God’s Judgment Seat as a dirty, defiled sinner. God will allow no unclean thing to enter into Heaven. If He did, it would no longer be Heaven. So God has prepared another place called Hell. He prepared it for the devil and his angels. But God also sends all people who reject Christ into this hopeless place of torment. It is a place where the fire is not quenched and the worm dieth not.

 Do you know why Hell is a place of fire and maggots (worms)? Because it is God’s garbage dump. If you do not repent now and receive Christ’s forgiveness and cleansing from your sins, then after this life you will never be able to repent of your sins or be cleansed from them. Forever, your being will continue to spew forth the dirty defilement of sin that it now does. So God has provided an appropriate place for such defiled, corrupted Christ-rejecters to live forever; a place with everlasting fire and maggots to consume away the filthy sin that you will eternally spew forth. Here on earth, the fire and the maggot are the two main things that consume “natural” garbage. Maggots consume the discarded meat and flesh, and fire consumes away most of the other “natural,” burnable garbage. If we did not have the fire and the maggot, soon our world would be filled with garbage and unfit to inhabit.

If you reject Christ, you are filthy garbage in God’s Sight. God cannot let you into Heaven to continue to spew forth your dirty sin and pollute that Holy Place. Therefore He is going to cast you into Hell for the fire and maggot to forever consume the filthy sin that you can never stop spewing forth, because the day of repentance has ended. If you are not now convinced that you are a dirty, defiled sinner in God’s Sight and need Christ’s blood to cleanse you, then as soon as God applies the fire and the maggot to your wicked being to consume away the sin you spew forth, you will then be convinced without any doubt. Burning forever, with loathsome maggots forever crawling on you. Whatever you do, don’t wait until then to be convinced. Please be convinced now. Please fall on your knees now and tell Christ that you repent of your sins and receive Him as your Saviour. Then do everything that you can to convince everyone around you that they should also trust in Christ to save them.

God is now trying to convince you by showing you His abundant mercy in numerous ways. He gives you air to breathe, food to eat, and maintains your health and life. He has created an abundant world for you to live in. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been preached to you by others around you who are already convinced of everyone’s need to receive Christ. God has graciously sent you this message of mine in print, begging you to be convinced now. I am praying for you to receive Jesus Christ and thereby be saved. I love you and care about you. I don’t want you to perish forever in Hell. Please let God’s many and great mercies that He is now extending to you convince you of your need to repent to Him and to believe on the One True God. Wake up to the fact that without Christ you have NO hope, NO help, and will be doomed for all eternity. Please be convinced that you must receive Christ now while it is the day of salvation. Don’t delay.

Daily, I stand on the narrow streets of this little town in the Buddha Belt of Japan and preach my heart out to people, begging them to be convinced of their need for Christ. They will not let me come into their houses to talk to them. So I just stand outside and preach to them. Sometimes I kneel there in the dirt or on the pavement and pray aloud for God to save those who have just heard the Gospel message I just preached. Still, they refuse to be convinced. But from time to time, I walk past a house with large flower wreaths standing out front, meaning that a dead person is lying in state in that house. I hang my head and mourn, “God has just convinced another one.” Whatever you do, please don’t wait for death and Hell to convince you.


I want you to come along on a trip with me now. Let’s go one million years into the future and travel down to the pits of Hell. Let’s go deep into the heart of this place of doom where all is so utterly hopeless. As we enter into this region of the damned, soon the smell of sulfur, smoke, and brimstone coming up to meet us is almost unbearable. The intense heat is unbelievable. The screams and cries of despair almost deafen us. The entire place is in pitch-black darkness, so we cannot see anything. But let’s suppose that God allows a little light to enable us to view this place. We see people of every age and race chained in prisons, suffering torment. All of these eternally doomed people have one thing in common; during their life on earth, they were not convinced that they needed to repent of their sins to God, believe in God, and trust in Him for His Salvation.

Not only are humans here in Hell, but also Lucifer and the fallen angels who followed him are assigned to this everlasting doom and torment in fire. If we went to the special pit prepared for Lucifer, we could ask him; “Lucifer, are you convinced that you were wrong to rebel against Almighty God and to try to rise up and be equal to Him?”

Lucifer would have to readily say, “I am convinced that it was wrong for me to do that.” The legions of angels who followed him would readily admit that they’re convinced they were wrong also.

We travel deep into this lake of fire to an area reserved for those who tried most to defy God and are receiving the most intense torment and punishment for their rebellion. “Pharaoh, are you convinced that the God of Israel is the One True God and that you should have obeyed Him and served Him? Are you convinced that you should not have enslaved His chosen people and refused to let them go?”

With his very breath aflame, Pharaoh answers; “Ever since those two walls of water rolled over my chariot and filled my lungs, I have been totally convinced and always will be convinced. I was wrong!”

We travel on until we come to a dungeon bearing one by the name of Hitler. His punishment is so great that his pains of agony cause him to shriek and scream in a loud voice that is almost unbearable. That’s because he made so many people to suffer during his lifetime. I read that he used to entertain himself in his home at night by listening to recordings of the screaming and crying of those helpless, innocent people being tortured by his ruthless Nazi regime. So now God is repaying him and he is reaping exactly what he sowed in this present life. “Hitler, are you convinced that there is a God in Heaven Who will more than repay you for all your murderous deeds? Are you convinced that you were wrong to set out to destroy God’s chosen people and millions of other people too?”

Between screams of agony from the horrible tempest of fire and brimstone that is raining down upon him, he would sob out; “Yes. I am convinced that I was wrong and that there is a God Who is right!”

We travel on just a little further and find one by the name of Stalin nearby in a similar cell. After suffering here for over one million years and knowing that his suffering is only beginning, one could not find anything more wretched than the deplorable hopelessness of his being. “Stalin, while living on earth you proclaimed that there was no God. Now are you convinced that there is a God and that you were wrong to murder tens of millions who chose to believe in God and chose to live the lifestyle that God ordained for His created mankind? Are you now convinced of the reality of God’s Existence and of His wrath on sinful, rebellious people like you? What do you think of God now?”

Weeping and wailing and gnashing his teeth, but still cursing God due to the fact that he cannot repent now, he replies; “Yes. Oh, Yes. I am forever convinced! I was a fool to deny God’s Existence.”

Moving on along, we come to a different area of this wretched place of doom, where a person is confined who was a homosexual while living on the earth. “Are you now convinced that your lifestyle was perverted and an abomination to Almighty God in Heaven?”

With roaring flames engulfing him and maggots crawling all over him to continually consume away the filthiness of his perverted body, soul, and spirit, his sad answer comes through the outer darkness. “I am convinced, but I was convinced too late.”

Next we come to the cell of one who was most immoral and even boasted in his immorality. Now receiving everlasting punishment for that, he still wallows in the same lusts with absolutely no ability to satisfy those lusts. “Are you convinced that God spoke the truth when He said that no adulterer nor fornicator would enter into Heaven?”

Having never had one second of rest in that storm of burning coals of fire, he wails out; “You are crazy to ask such a question. Of course I am convinced. I know that God punishes sins of immorality.”

We move on to the cell of a man who is repeatedly screaming, “Oh, for just one more drink!” He was a slave to liquor during his life on earth. Now, a million years later, he is still just as much a slave to that liquor, but for all eternity, he will never be able to again embrace a bottle for its companionship. He has been on the wagon for one million years, but his insides still crave liquor as much as ever. He prays and pleads with God for just one more drop of it. But that prayer will not be answered for all eternity. “Are you convinced that you were wrong to take that first drink? Are you convinced that the only wise thing to do in relation to strong drink is to have absolutely nothing at all to do with it? Are you convinced that wine is a mocker and he that is deceived thereby is not wise?”

Now drinking the wine of the wrath of God instead of drinking the liquor that he so badly craves and gnawing his swollen tongue in great pain, he cries out; “Yes, you’re looking at one who is convinced!” Are you a person who thinks that you cannot stop drinking liquor? Well, the second that your life on earth ends, you’ll stop drinking it. But you will never stop craving it. How awful to be burning in Hell with lusts which can never again be satisfied. Please be convinced of that now.

Close by his cell, we find a doomed person who made a living selling liquor. His haunting memory seems to be one of the most unbearable parts of his punishment. How he longs to forget the liquor he sold, the hungry children, the traffic accidents, the fights, hating, immorality, and other sins brought about by him putting the bottle to other people’s mouths. But God keeps those scenes vividly displayed on his mind for all eternity. Also, he is tormented by the screams of many others who are in Hell because he sold liquor to them, and thereby had a part in damning their souls to this awful place. “Mister, are you convinced that God pronounces a woe on anyone who puts the bottle to another’s mouth? Are you convinced that it was a wicked, evil, and most sinful thing to traffic in demon rum?”

Gnashing his teeth, he replies, “No one could ever be more convinced than I am. What a tragedy that I ruined so many lives!”

Moving on, we come to the cell of a fine, upright, moral woman. “Are you convinced that ‘good’ people also need Christ as their Saviour? Are you convinced that our righteousness is as filthy rags in God’s Sight? Are you convinced that good deeds do not save us?”

Having lost all pride and composure a million years ago, she hopelessly sobs out; “The second my life ended, I was firmly convinced. I now know that faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved and enter into Heaven. But I was convinced of that too late.”

Now we come to the cell of one who was taken out of this life on earth as a teenager in a traffic accident. “Young man, are you convinced that even as a boy, you needed Christ? Are you convinced it is foolish to put off getting saved for even one day? Are you convinced that even as a teenager without Christ, you deserved to be sent to this awful place of eternal torment in fire?”

With the smoke of his torment ascending up, he answers; “Yes, I am convinced. And I will be convinced forever. God has convinced me.”

Traveling on down these desolate corridors we now arrive in a different area. Here the punishment is worse. Here the fire is hotter and the worms more filthy. Here are those lost souls who spread the many false religions of the devil. We see a Buddhist priest committed to this everlasting fire. “Are you convinced that Christian missionary told you the truth when he pleaded with you to receive Christ, because Christ is the Only Way to Heaven and without Him no one can enter into the eternal city? Are you convinced that your religion was false?”

Surrounded by demons who possessed him during his life on earth and are now ridiculing him for having been so foolish to teach a false religion, he desperately cries out; “Ever since I was cast alive into this lake of fire, I have been absolutely convinced!

Imprisoned nearby is one who spread Mohammed’s teachings. “Are you convinced that it was wrong to teach that all who follow Mohammed are God’s children because Mohammed also descended from Abraham, just as Jesus Christ descended from Abraham? Are you now convinced that the God of Israel, the God or Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is the One and Only True God? Are you convinced that your murderous religion was a false religion from the devil, the father of murderers? Are you convinced that you deserve to be in this eternal Hell for spreading that false religion and deceiving many people?”

He screams out; “Yes, I am firmly convinced that only by receiving The Lord Jesus Christ, can one be born again and enter into the family of God. And until Christ returned to destroy all false religions, I continually pleaded with God to send someone back from the dead to warn and convince my friends and followers not to be deceived by that false religion and thereby be banished to this unbearable suffering. But God never answered that prayer. After being thrown into this lake of fire, it’s too late to pray,” he remorsefully sobs out.

Going deeper into this region, we find people who have suffered an even worse fate. We arrive at a place that is the climax to the extent one can be punished in Hell. Here are the false religions that used the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ to spread their religions. We ask a Catholic priest, “Are you convinced that it was wrong for you to have people call you their spiritual father? Are you convinced that people should have confessed their sins to God, instead of to you? Are you convinced that the Virgin Mary is not to be worshipped and not to be called the mother of God?”

Longing for death but not being allowed to die, he wails out, “Here is one who is convinced!”

We walk on down to a place of torment for one who was zealous to spread the religion of the Jehovah Witnesses. He went day after day from house to house explaining away the lake of fire and now he is doomed to its torment forever. We ask him, “Are you convinced that there is a literal Hell and that those outside of Christ will be turned into that place, body, soul, and spirit; to suffer there in those flames forever? Are you convinced that Jesus Christ is Jehovah? Are you convinced that Jesus Christ is God? Are you convinced that God the Son, Jesus Christ, and God the Father are One?”

Weeping, wailing, and gnashing his teeth, he utters, “Of course I am convinced. Yes, Yes, YES, I am thoroughly convinced!

We go on to a missionary of the Mormon religion. “Are you convinced that only the Bible is the inspired Word of God? Are you convinced that Adam was not God and that we are not gods? Are you now convinced that the religion you taught was a false religion of the devil and that it eternally doomed all who believed on it?” 

“Yes, Almighty God has certainly convinced me that both the deceived and the deceiver are His. So tragic that I was so deceived.”

In this region, their punishment is so intense. How jealous The Lord Jesus Christ is of His Name, the only Name by which we can be saved. How great His wrath is against those deceivers who use His Most Wonderful Name to deceive people, teaching them a false religion through His Name. I believe that their punishment in the eternal flames of Hell will be so great; inconceivable suffering, remorse, regret, anguish, heat, and torment which will never come to an end.

And for you, who have lived your life rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ, take my hand and come on with me, because we must make one more visit down here before we end this trip that we are taking.


“OH, YES.” Throughout your lifetime you so willfully rejected Christ, so willfully chose your own road, so willfully chose to stay away from God. Now you cannot say, “No.” Now you must live with that decision forever. So you come on with me now and let’s go make this last visit together. We travel on down to a far distant area where no ray of sunshine has ever shone, no ray of hope ever penetrated. And coming to a dark cell, we find a being bound in chains of fire. Nothing could be so loathsome to look upon as this creature. A more pitiful creature could not be imagined. After having suffered this torment for almost one million years, his face and his entire being has become so horribly contorted. There is no way you could prepare yourself for the shock you receive upon looking at this creature. During your lifetime, you never once imagined that it would be possible for you to look upon anyone as awful as this sight before you.

To look at him, you would think that he had never seen the sunshine of a bright morning. Had never heard the birds sing. Had never laughed, had never smiled. You would think that he had never known any joy. Had never felt good, never relaxed, never rested, had never played or known any recreation. That he had never eaten a wholesome meal, never had a drink of water.

You would think that he had never been educated nor pursued a “successful” career. That he had never known the pleasure and pride of a nice home, expensive car, fancy clothes, and the many other things of the world that money can buy. He had previously gained some of those things, but he lost his own soul; so he lost ALL.

To look at him now, you would think that he had never accomplished anything good. That he had never had a friend. That he had never known friendship, love, peace, and contentment. That he had never had any family. Forcing yourself to look on the ghastly, gruesome sight that he is after one million years of this lonely suffering, you would think that he had never called anyone; “Father,” “Mother,” “Brother,” “Sister,” “Wife,” “Son,” or “Daughter.” You would think that he had never had any pleasure. Had never had any hope. It looks as if he has never known anything outside of this awful fate that he is now suffering. What a tragic, miserable sight to behold.

Having to look on this wretched creature makes our hearts overflow with pity and sorrow for it. We never before thought it possible for us to become so emotional. This person has screamed, cried, and wailed so much that what little voice remains is now such a husky, rasping sound that it no longer sounds human. The fervent heat down here and him continually gnawing his tongue has caused it to swell so much that he cannot close his mouth, causing his speech and crying to take on an even more horrible and pitiful sound. Lips, tongue, mouth, and throat are parched dry from the flames and even brimstone that often showers or flows into his mouth. One million years of never ceasing to beg God for one drop of water has been completely in vain. Lips are parched, swollen, and broken open, adding such sharp, piercing pains as the flames enter into the open sores. Constantly gnashing the teeth has ground them down till the nerves are now exposed to the heat and to pain.

Bloodshot, ghostly eyes rattle around in dry, stinging sockets like two balls of fire in his head. All over his body the skin is burned away to expose nerve ends to the flames and molten brimstone, causing pain that is beyond the imagination. Normally, fire will quickly burn away the nerves of the human body and deaden it to the pain when one burns to death. But God works strange miracles in Hell to never let that happen for all eternity. Everyone here wishes that they could burn to death, but God will not allow that. The pain remains as intense as possible for all eternity. Filthy maggots are crawling all over this creature we are looking upon. What a heart-breaking sight to behold.

There is absolutely no hint of pride, composure, or self-respect about this person. Just the sight of his tortured, hopeless, horrible condition is so repulsive that you want to run away from him and get out of this place of the eternally doomed as fast as possible. However, in looking at that contorted face and that tortured, pain-racked body, you sense that there is something familiar about this miserable creature. Y E S. There is definitely something familiar about this person. And as you force yourself to gaze on this person, you come to realize what it is. THIS PERSON IS YOU!

The shock from this stark realization jolts you like the world has fallen on you. During your entire lifetime you never once thought you would ever meet such a horrible fate. But this is actually you in this lake of fire, having been tormented for one million years and the torment has just begun. It will never end. When God judged you as you stood before His Great White Throne, you saw the beauty of all God’s magnificent glory and power. And sentenced to this place of torment for all eternity, you wonder how you could ever have been foolish enough to reject Christ and exchange the eternal splendor of Heaven for the never-ending torments of the eternal flames of Hell.

And standing there, I could ask this tormented creature; “NOW are you convinced that you needed Christ to save you from this? Are you convinced that the most foolish thing you could have done when you read this sermon one million years ago, was to refuse Christ as your Saviour? Are you convinced that all Christ rejecters are sent to Hell?”


Friend, whatever you do, please don’t let this be your eternal fate. I beg you not to wait to be convinced in this way. Christ is returning to this earth soon, to put an end to time. He is returning as The Convincer. EVERYONE is going to be convinced that they should have repented to Him, trusted in Him, and worshipped Him as the One True God. I have already been convinced. I know I have sinned against God and He convinced me that without Christ, I would be punished in Hell for that sin. But God also convinced me that with Christ I would live in eternal bliss in Heaven. When I became convinced, I soon got down on my knees and prayed to God to forgive me and save me. Christ became my Saviour at that time. He’ll gladly become your Saviour too, if you will only let Him. Please be convinced of that and receive Him. Do it NOW, please.

  With God’s Love in my heart, I care about you and others who are not yet convinced they need to receive The Lord Jesus Christ. I have left my homeland and am spending my life on the opposite side of the world, trying to convince the Japanese people that they need Christ. I would gladly do anything that I possibly could, to see you turn to Christ in repentance of your sin. I want you to receive the eternal life that only Jesus Christ can give you, because I want you to be saved from Hell and go to Heaven after this life ends.

If you are convinced to any degree at all of your need to receive Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world, I want you to pray to God at this time. Please don’t refuse by saying, “I don’t know much about God. I don’t understand this much at all. I’m not sure I’m ready yet.” Please put all such thoughts aside. If you are convinced to any extent at all, that you need God the Saviour, then please pray to God now.

“Almighty God in Heaven, The Creator of all things, I am CONVINCED that I have sinned against Thee and that I need Christ as my Saviour. I am sorry that I have wronged Thee, the One True God Who created me. So I beg Thee to have mercy on me and forgive me of my sins. Please cleanse me from my sin by the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please change my life to what Thou desirest it to be. Please make me into a new creature, a child of God. I now open my heart and receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I declare to everyone that I now belong to Jesus. Heavenly Father, please set me free from the power of the devil and evil. I now stand for God and right. I stand against Satan and all the forces of evil. I confess that Jesus Christ is The Lord. Christ is victorious. The devil is defeated in my life. From the bottom of my heart, I thank Thee, Lord Jesus, for becoming my Saviour. I love Thee, Lord Jesus. Amen.”

If you prayed that prayer and meant it from the heart, Christ is now your Saviour. He will never leave you nor forsake you. After this life on earth is ended, you will live with Him forever in Heaven. As a fellow believer in Christ, I’ll be looking forward to meeting you there. If you prayed that prayer, as soon as you can, go to the best Christian you know and tell him or her that you have just prayed this prayer to receive Christ as your Saviour. Start reading God’s Holy Bible, The King James 1611 Version, every day. If you do not have a Bible and cannot buy one, tell me and I will send you one, if I have the money to do so. (Often, I get more requests for Bibles than I have money to supply them. So I may not be able to comply with your request.) As you read the Bible, pray to God, asking His Holy Spirit to teach you the meaning of what you read in the Bible. Also ask God to help you obey His instructions in the Bible. May God bless you in this new life of yours as you learn of Him, obey, and follow Him.


The Bible says this about God the Son, Jesus Christ, Who is the Saviour of the World: “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

Now read carefully Christ’s invitation to you: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

The Bible says this about anyone who will receive Christ as their Saviour: “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.” (John 1:12) “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, least any man should boast.” (Ephesians 2:8&9) “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” (II Corinthians 5:17)


Brother Lewis Chafer teaches us the following important things about salvation in God the Son, The Lord Jesus Christ, God’s Saviour to all mankind. Please read them carefully and think on them.

“Salvation is the work of God for man; it is not the work of man for God.”

“Salvation is the bestowal and actual impartation of eternal life; it is not the beauties and artificial imitations of ethical living.”

“Salvation is the imputed righteousness of God; it is not the imperfect righteousness of man.”

Salvation is a divine reconciliation; it is not human regulation.”

“Salvation is the canceling of all sin; it is not the cessation from some sin.”

“Salvation is being delivered from, and dead to, the law; it is not delighting in, or doing, the law.”

“Salvation is divine regeneration; it is not human reformation.”

“Salvation is being acceptable to God; it is not becoming exceptionally good.”

“Salvation is completeness in Christ; it is not competency in character.”

“Salvation is possessing every spiritual blessing; it is not professing any special betterment.”

“Salvation is always and only of God. It is never of man. It is the unsearchable riches of Christ. It is unto good works of which God has before ordained that we should walk in them.”


Carefully read through the New Testament of the Holy Bible, to learn everything it teaches us about Salvation in Christ. While reading through it, keep in mind these valuable points here that Brother Chafer teaches us. Please read my other sermons and books and think on what I write about God’s Salvation plan for all mankind. May Almighty God guide you, teach you, protect you, and bless you in every way as you now live for His pleasure and not your own pleasure.


Christian friend, are you convinced that we need to be doing all we can to win souls to Christ. Witness to the lost people around you. Give them good Christian literature to read. Ask them to read this message. Pray earnestly for their salvation. Do everything you can to convince lost people that they need to get saved now. Fellow preachers, we need to be preaching in dead earnest to the lost, clearly telling of the awful fate awaiting them if they depart this life without repenting to God and trusting in Jesus Christ. Eternal souls are at stake. So call on God to endue you with convincing power when you preach to them. Preach this message to the lost, and other messages like it. With God as our Helper, let us do everything we can do, to convince as many souls as possible, before it is eternally too late.

“My Heavenly Father, with Thy Help, from a burdened and broken heart, I have laboured hard and long on this sermon Thou hast given me. I preach this sermon in obedience to Thy Leading to preach it. I have striven to convince everyone of the reality of an eternal Hell of fire and brimstone. I have done my best to convince the readers that Hell is the eternal abode of all people who do not trust in The Lord Jesus Christ during their life here on this earth. So, Heavenly Father, I call on Thee to now send Thy Holy Spirit to strongly convince ALL who read this message, of their certain need for Christ. By Thy Power, give them complete understanding of this, break down all barriers that are between them and Thee, and give them a heart to repent to Thee and to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to save them. Please hear this prayer of mine, and have great compassion on all who read this sermon. Please deal powerfully with them to trust in Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World. Thank Thee, for hearing this prayer of mine.  Amen.”      



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