“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” (1st Peter 5:7)


On a mild pleasant day (in 1990 or so), many pedestrians are strolling the “main” street in tourist town Karuizawa, Japan, looking at the small shops that line each side of the street. I am standing on the side of the street with a small stand of “wares” for sale, with Christian literature displayed for people to take for free, and witnessing of Christ when opportunity arises.

A girl all-alone, about 8 years old, comes walking by, and upon seeing me, she walks over to me, and starts a simple conversation. I assume that she is in town with family members who are nearby. But still, it is rare for a child this small to be on this crowded street apart from the adults she came with. 

She appears to be Japanese. But as she talks to me in Japanese, I detect a “foreign flavor” to it, just as my spoken Japanese also has. She strikes me as being cheerful and upbeat. But soon her speech will let me know that she has a Japanese father and a Filipino mother. That cheerful and upbeat trait comes from her Filipino side, and not from the present condition of her heart. Right now, her heart is hurting plenty badly. And needing comfort, she comes to this foreigner to tell him, tho she doesn’t know me.

“Mother and Daddy fight and fight. Mother is always crying and saying that she is going to go back to the Philippines.” She casually blurts that out to me, after briefly chatting. Oh, how that made my heart bleed! I strove to speak kind, compassionate words that would be of comfort to her, and spoke briefly of God’s Help. She soon went on her way. Those 7 minutes or so is the only encounter that I have had with that precious, little, hurting, injured soul.

“Abba Father in Heaven, that girl was born about 1982. As I think on her age right now, I intercede to Thee for the eternal salvation of her precious soul. Please have mercy on her to save her from perishing eternally. Please do not send her to Hell. Right now, Thou art looking down upon her. Please lift her up out of whatever miry clay of misery she is in right now. Please work in her heart to bring her to cast all her cares upon Thee. Please save her to the utmost. Please fill her heart with Thy Love, Joy, and Peace. Please save all her household to the utmost. I plead all this in the Name of Thy Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!”

Since that day she came to me, I have had prayers printed in Japanese on balloons to give to Japanese children around me. On one side of the pink balloon is this confession: “Almighty and True God, Thou art Love.” On the opposite side of that balloon is this plea: “Please fill my heart with Jesus’ Pure (clean) Love.”

The confession on the orange balloon is: “Lord Jesus Christ, Thou art True Help.” And on the opposite side is this plea: “Please help me forever.” (I translated those straight from the Japanese. So possibly they seem somewhat blunt in English.)

I give those balloons free to every child in Japan that I can. I also had prayers printed on pocket tissue packs to give to everyone that I can. (Everyone in Japan uses pocket tissue packs.) Each printed balloon and tissue pack costs me about a dime each total, to buy and to have the prayers printed on them.

When I come to the States and preach in churches there, sometimes at church a child will give me 8 cents or 15 cents or so. Sometimes, a children’s Sunday School class will give me their offering of $4 or so. I greatly appreciate each penny. Thank you so much! And may our Lord richly bless you for caring and for giving your money.

Each such offering helps me to buy more balloons and pocket tissue packs with good prayers written on them that teach hurting and sad children (and adults) to call on the Lord Jesus Christ for God’s All Powerful Help. (Think back on Yoneko’s story.)

I greatly appreciate each one of you who are a missionary helper to me. I pray that you will meet many saved Japanese in Heaven, who were a sad, miserable lost soul until the day God led them my way and I gave them a written prayer that they prayed in earnest, causing God to hear and to save them forever.

Precious Lord Jesus, please help me to always remember to cast my every care upon Thee. Praise Thy Name, that Thy Grace, Comfort, and Help are always sufficient. Teach me how to be a help to hurting souls around me. Show me all the ways that I can be a Missionary Helper. Help Missionary Richard to reach many Japanese around him who are miserable and hurting. Save many Japanese, I pray. Amen.”

“For the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.” (1st Corinthians 15:52b) “Almighty Lord God, please sound that trumpet right now, change us Christian believers and take us to Heaven, right now, I earnestly plead! Amen.”

Richard Yerby  (Matsuida, Japan)  www.Christ-is-all.us



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