33. Aren’t You Afraid In This House?

 “Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.” (Psalms 90:1)


Upon moving into my rental house in the town of Matsuida, Japan on the 1st of August 1978, immediately neighborhood children started “flocking out”. (To the best of my knowledge, at that time, no other Caucasian lived in this town. I was certainly a rare commodity, a sight to be seen!) Each time children popped in, I would teach them about Jesus, and then play (with them) the games they wanted to play. I was somewhat astonished that several different children would ask me, “Isn’t this house scary?” “Aren’t you afraid to live in this house?”

I would reply ‘No’, but it puzzled me as to why that matter was so heavily on their minds. Months later, I found out. A neighbor Japanese adult related the following story to me.

An elderly Japanese couple had this house built for them to live in (in their old age). But not too long after moving into their new house, they each died one after the other, just a few months apart, I think. Because those 2 elderly Japanese were “devout” Buddhist and thus carried on the customs of worshipping Buddhist idols in this house (and because of the Buddhist rituals carried out by that “priest” as each of them “lay in state” in this house, those demons behind those devilish religious customs had made this house into a stronghold nest of theirs, dwelling here.

Sometime after the 2nd person of that elderly couple died, their grown daughter put this house up for rent (shortly before I came to Matsuida). When a Japanese family rented the house and moved in, the demons soon started harassing them, plenty fearfully. Often at night, the demons would literally shake this wood frame house. On one or more occasion, the shaking became so violent that the pajama-clad family fled out into the street, fearing that the house would collapse onto them. Neighbors close by (aroused by the ruckus) came around to gawk and talk. So the tale of that happening spread like wildfire thru this close-knit, crowded, nosey, gossipy neighborhood and town. Most everyone around knew about this “haunted house”.

Because they could not live in peace in this house, those renters moved out (fleeing the wrath of those demons). The owner (daughter of the deceased couple) put the house up for sale, wanting to be rid of the haunted house. A Japanese man (living in nearby Takasaki City) bought the small, cheap house, thinking he or his relatives might use it in the future. When I asked if I could rent it, I knew nothing about the previous renters’ battle with demons in the house. The new owner is most happy to rent it to me to get my monthly rent money. So now, this gossipy community is talking “That foreigner moved into that haunted house!” “I wonder how soon he will flee from the ghosts?” They were holding their breathes, waiting for the next “house shaking” to happen.

As I write this story in the Summer of 2020, I have lived in this same house for 42 years. Upon moving into this house, I soon climbed up thru the narrow passage in a closet ceiling to tear away the papers wrapped around the highest timber in the attic. Then I took those papers out into my tiny yard and burned them. I had observed (elsewhere) the Buddhist performing the customary ritual when the wood frame and roof had been built for a new house. One part of that ritual was attaching these “Buddhist papers” to that “ridgepole” under the roof. So I made sure to remove that writing of lies, burn it, and then open my Bible inside the house to read Psalms 90 and 91 aloud, and to sing aloud “Power in the Blood”. Christ Himself is my Dwelling Place.

“Our Lord Jesus Christ…who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords; who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see; to whom be honour and power everlasting. Amen.” (1st Timothy 6:14~16)

I praise God that Our Lord Jesus Christ dwelleth in light. Friend, do not be dismayed because that Scripture tells us that it is light that no man can approach unto. Keep the following Scripture in mind also.

 “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanseth us from all sin.” (1st John 1:7)

“Lord Jesus Christ, I praise Thy High and Holy Name that Thou art the Light of the world. Please enable me to submit my life fully unto Thee, for Thee to always guide me to walk in Thy Light. I pray this for the many Japanese idol worshippers around Missionary Richard, who live in gross spiritual darkness and in fear of demons. Please shine God’s Marvelous Light into their darkened hearts, and by Thy Light guide them to trust in Thee as their Saviour. By Thy Unlimited Almighty Power, Lord Jesus, please fight for them to set them free from Satan and all demons. Please daily Shield, Guard and Protect Missionary Richard as he lets Thy Divine Light shine in that spiritually dark land of many idols and strong satanic power. Amen!

Richard Yerby  (Matsuida, Japan)  www.Christ-is-all.us



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